Yashwant Projects


  • Vaartalaap Interview Portal

    Vaartalaap is an interview platform with a collabortive text editor, a code editor, a compilation engine with video call support.

    Draft Awarded Live Ended
  • Thapar Admissions Chatbot

    It is an automatic Chatbot trained on the most common questions to help parents and students during the admission process.

    Draft Awarded Live Ended
  • Wolwo Wallpaper Application GUI

    Flutter is a UI project where screens include a Homepage, Collections page, Favourites Page, Wallpaper-View page, and Settings page.

    Draft Awarded Live Ended
  • Docker Production Workflow

    Docker workflow for Testing and Production in React. NGINX webserver, Docker Volumes Setup. Testing using Travis CI and deployment to AWS.

    Draft Awarded Live Ended
  • Peacock Chatbot

    A Deep Learning intent based chatbot. Built and designed completely by me.
    Tech Stack : Flask, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

    Draft Awarded Live Ended
  • Dove Theme

    A Dark Purple theme for VS Code. Available on Visual Studio Marketplace. 100+ Downloads.

    Draft Awarded Live Ended